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The definition of Santo Tomas is “a village”.  It is a perfect description of our beautiful neighborhood on the lake.  It is a village of welcoming neighbors who meet every morning and evening while taking their daily walk with our without their dog.  Santo Tomas is what you decide to make is a reflection of you.
This site is designed to keep you involved and to access community information. You can find useful information about Santo Tomas including, meeting minutes, policies, forms, social events, links to neighborhood resources, and more.
Be informed, get involved and become an active part of your community!
Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
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Leap Year Celebration
Saturday, February 29th, 2020, 6pm-9pm
Leap Year Celebration
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at Mission Hills Country Club
Board of Directors meeting
Annual General meeting
Saturday, March 21st, 2020, 10am (exact time to be confirmed) at Mission Hills Country Club
Annual General Meeting
AGM After Party
Saturday, March 21st, 2020, Late Afternoon - Time TBD at Gazebo Park @ Entrance
AGM After Party
Year-end party
Saturday, April 4th, 2020, 6pm-8pm at Gazebo Park @ Entrance
Year-end Party

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